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Rogue Valley Veterans & Community Outreach (RVVCO) focuses on bringing the needs and the resources together for our Veterans and our Community.

We are a 501(c)(3) grass roots nonprofit agency that was founded in 1979 to help low income and homeless individuals and families. Although thirty plus years have passed since our inception; we’re still committed to feeding the hungry, helping those in crisis, and promoting self-sufficiency and independence.

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Feel free to peruse our growing list of articles, announcements, and events & join in the conversation. Please remember to be respectful and considerate of others in your posts. Report abusive comments, trolls, and spammers to “IizHaXoЯ” to have their biological and technological distinctiveness subtracted from our own…permanently. (Just kidding…sort of.)

We love to share community news, events, and programs from the Rogue Valley in Medford, Oregon. If you are interested in helping out veterans and being involved in community events, this is a place for you! If you have information about an event or some interesting news, share it with us!

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