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Rogue Valley Veterans & Community OutreachRogue Valley Veterans & Community Outreach (RVVCO) focuses on bringing the needs and the resources together for our Veterans and our community.

We are a 501 (c)(3) grass roots nonprofit agency that was founded in 1979 to help low income and homeless individuals and families. Although thirty plus years have passed since our inception; we’re still committed to feeding the hungry, helping those in crisis, and promoting self-sufficiency and independence.

In 2004 we received our first grant from the VA to provide transitional housing specifically for homeless Veterans. We now have three houses that are case managed, transitional housing for Veterans where they can live for up to two years. This gives sufficient time to address the multiple issues which have led to their homelessness.

RVVCO is the largest provider of Grant and Per Diem (GPD) services in Southern Oregon. Our agency serves Veterans from all 5 counties currently covered by SSVF Program (Supportive Services for Veteran Families). We are a model for transitional housing.

Many local homeless Veterans have come to use our Resource Center, placing our agency in an excellent position to assist those in need. In 2012 we had over 8000 Veterans using our resources on a walk in basis. Our objectives are designed to assist clients in accessing the necessary supportive services, job training, and skill development for obtaining and maintaining employment and independent living. The VA provides substance abuse treatment groups, vocational assistance, and veterans support groups at our Resource Center.

We have always had an open door policy, which encourages the community to utilize our resource and referral services.

RVVCO has a strong network of caring individuals and service providers to help create systemic change and improve the community for our Veterans. We commit ourselves, the organization, and agencies we represent to building and strengthening that network. We continue to work closely with our partners like United Way to address the homeless issue with Veterans and non-veterans alike through the Homeless Task Force and events like Project Community Connect. RVVCO is continuing to develop programs to help re-integrate that part of our community back into a productive lifestyle.

Our purpose has changed little since the agency’s founding: 

Rogue Valley Veterans and Community Outreach (RVVCO) empowers Veterans and their families in Southern Oregon to attain self-sufficiency with an enduring commitment to treating people with dignity and respect.

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Rogue Valley Veterans & Community Outreach
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Medford , Oregon , 97501 USA

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